Drew Brophy – Surf Lifestyle Artist

New neighbor Drew Brophy sharing some business advice with Josh after 25 years as a professional surf artist.  Drew told Josh that it’s a grind making a living as an artist, and that you need to execute on a number of fronts.  Drew has been painting vehicles, commissioning paintings, selling original art, and licensing art for other products.  We are super stoked to have such an inspiring and real person right next door.  If you see his van parked outside, stop by and say hello to Drew.  And buy some art.

Turn your best GoPro shot into a work of art


Best Surfer Gifts website has a nice writeup of our latest commission of Bob Cooney’s GoPro photo from Playa Negra in Costa Rica.  Bob’s wife Sharon had Josh create this piece from a GoPro frame grab for Bob’s 50th birthday.  Bob said it was his favorite shot ever, and now he’s got a larger than life version painted by a friend and talented up-and-coming artist.  Check out the review at Best Surfer Gifts blog.

Getting Ready for the Casa Event

Josh is furiously painting away tonight in order to bring a new series of original oils depicting classic scenes from San Onofre to the Casa Up Close event.  We still need to get prints made of the new paintings.  We just put up the new website.  Today, we checked out a new potential space  for our first retail location.  Doc comes in from Hawaii on Tuesday.  It’s a busy week for the Aloha Doc crew, but we are so stoked we can’t help but work all night.

Please join us on Thursday for the Casa Up Close – Doc Paskowitz event.  Josh will be showcasing new art, some amazing musical performers are on tap, and two short films will be debuting.  Plus you’ll get to see the Lightning Bolt Collectors Series surfboards for the first time in San Clemente.  You can learn more about the event at Casa Romantica here.